IKIGAI is one of those words that have no easy translation to English or any other language. The way we understand it is most closely related to the meaning of ‘calling’. It is what gives purpose and meaning to one’s existence. It is both a goal and means to a fulfilling life.
What gives our day to day lives purpose is creation. To see an item built from scratch, to craft a model in our own vision and have it serve a purpose. Our creations lie on the spectrum of functional and decorative. In achieving a balance, we have stacked away many failed projects – it might have been the color, the materials or just the end result did not look good enough. In failing, we learned and for every blunder, we worked twice as hard, until we are happy with whatever is in front of us.
In front of you.
We put our hearts in what we do and we hope you will relate to that. Thank you for coming into our world!
Hi there!

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