Our Work

Our reason for being, at IKIGAI, is to handcraft paper lamps that will light up your day… and night. Knowing that hours of work, enthusiasm and joy will be part of your life makes us feel important, proud and immensely happy.
The idea behind IKIGAI was born after years spent in all kinds of arts related with paper – starting with origami, then kirigami, quilling, paper 3D models, paper weaving and many more. All having one thing in common –paper. Although the end results were beautiful many of the unsuccessful attempts went to the trash. Driven by the concept of environmental responsibility we found a way to recycle paper back into life, or more precisely… light.
Here is how it is done.
• First, we collect paper – loads of it
• It is then turned into pulp – always a bit messy
• The pulp is mixed with other ingredients for strenght and moldability
• Then the paste is applied over a solid structure
• When completely dry, the model is painted in and out
• Then painted again with protective varnish
• All pendant lamps are electrically equipped
• Finally packaged and shipped to you

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